About Me

GreetingIMG_3386s to you all!  My name is Jody Krall, and I am a first time blogger!  I am in my element when I am allowed to organize, and although my husband likes the outcomes, organization often times involves his tools and time, too!  We have lived in two different homes in the state of Wisconsin during our 12+ years of marriage, and in both of them, we have done major remodels and updates.  They are a LOT of work — I will not deny that.  But the end results have been extraordinary!

My husband is the sole income provider for the family, and I am a stay at home, home schooling mom to our 4 kiddos!  Our children are 11, 9, 7, and 5 and keep us hopping!  Involvement in dance (x3), basketball, piano, football, baseball, swim lessons, bible study, life transformation groups and more takes up most of our time.  I do tutor students in the areas of Math, Reading, Writing, Life Skills, etc. several times per week.  I am certified Special Education teacher, and hope to go back to that someday!

God is so very important to us.  He is the beginning and the end.  We believe that we are sinners, that Jesus died for our sins, and that He lives in us!  We know that Heaven will be our final resting place.   The main purpose of homeschooling our children has been to immerse them in our Christian faith, and lead them to know more about God.  It is a tall order, but know He is helping us lead them!

Free time?  What’s that!?  When I do have time to spare, I enjoy walking, napping, going on nature trails as a family, watching Netflix, reading, and catching up with my friends over coffee (or cappuccino in my case!).

May this site be a blessing to you.  May it help to keep things a bit more clutter-free.  May it spark some ideas and solve some problems for you and your spaces.  May it touch your heart!

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