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Gallery Wall

I have always wanted to do a gallery wall in our home, and it took me awhile to decide what I wanted it to look like.  Also, it was hard to find just the right pieces to adorn the walls with.  So little by little, I started collecting pieces that I thought would represent our family well.   Here is the finished product!


img_0030                 img_0029 img_0024                img_0022

I think the reason I like gallery walls is because they can be so unique.  They don’t have to follow many rules!  Pieces can be different sizes, shapes, and textures.  Mix metals, wood, fabric!

Here are examples of different gallery walls that have been done by others:

gallerywall1 gallerywall2 gallerywall3 gallerywall4 gallerywall5

Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration for creating your own personalized gallery wall!

Practical Earring Storage

earringsS5 earringsS4 earringsS3 earringsS2 earringsS1

{All of these BEAUTIFUL earrings can be purchased at SelaDesign on  Prices range from $12 – $36.  Gorgeous pieces — trust me! And all profits go to a great cause!}

Earring Storage 

I have been struggling with jewelry storage for some time now.  I just have not found the right system to work for me yet!  {if you missed my post on that, click here to check it out!} Within the next month or so our bedroom is going to be overhauled as we are changing our bed and getting rid of dressers.  So my plan is to figure out this jewelry situation once and for all!  It’s not like I have a lot of jewelry, but what I do have definitely needs to be organized better!

So I’m starting with earrings.  There are a lot of different ways to organize earrings, plus you have to take into consideration how the earrings attach — leverback, hook, or post.  Here are a few possibilities that I will be considering.



Bulletin Board with Ribbon & Tacks

This simple bulletin board would be an easy and cheap way to store earrings.  Hook earrings can go right over the ribbon.  Leverback earrings can attach around the ribbon.  Post earrings can go through the ribbon.  Simple!




Cooling Rack

Now I would have never thought to use a cooling rack to store my earrings!  But I can see the genius in it!  I can see this one working really well for leverback earrings and for hook earrings, but post earrings could be an issue.  My solution would be to thread some thick ribbon through a few of the bottom rows in order to have something to poke the posts through.  That could work!




Now this one could be really neat if you have some wall space for it.  A hook on either side of the chain, two different lengths of chain, and you have yourself a way to store those earrings!




Ice Cube Trays

If you have an open drawer, a few ice cube trays could fit in nicely!  This could work for a cheap and easy solution to separating out earrings!  Who would have thought?!





Old Frame and Chicken Wire

This is such a classy and elegant way to store your earrings!  The frame could be fancy or plain, depending on what you need to match your decor.  Frames are so easy to find at garage sales or thrift stores.  Throw some paint on it, or spray paint it and you could have a beautiful display for your earrings!




Earring Caddy

There are so many shapes and sizes of these caddies.  Check them out on Amazon when you have time {click here for the link!} You could probably get a nice stand for under $20.  This particular one sells for about $15.




So lot of options to think through.  I will have to see what kind of wall space I end up with when the bedroom shifting is all done and then I can make my final decision and post it for you.

In the next few posts I will be working on Necklace and Bracelet storage!  Stay tuned!  If you want to be updated as soon as they are posted, just subscribe to this page in the link below!

Blessings to you all!


Let’s Tackle LEGOs!

Screen shot 2016-02-21 at 9.54.53 PM

Legos are quite possibly the most fun and engaging toy on the market today.  Truthfully, there is no other toy that I would want my child to play with.  The pieces encourage so much imaginative play which is hard to match with any other toy.
Here it comes…….BUT………they are a pain to clean up and keep organized.  Hands down one of the hardest toys to handle from an organizational standpoint.  Pieces in our house have been stepped on, vacuumed up, chewed up, lost, lodged in cracks and crevices, and have disappeared.
So what are some options to tackle this amazingly hard-to-organize toy?  Well, here are some options:

1.)  The Cinch SackKids can play on the floor with their Legos, and cinch up the sack when they are finished.  Mount a nice hook in the room for your child to hang up the bag and voila!  Easy-peasy clean up!  You can find these Cinch Sacks on Amazon – click here and here for a few options!

Screen shot 2016-02-21 at 9.16.34 PMlego6 2.  Lego Table with Cubbies – Turn that old train table into a Lego table!  Buy some building plates, adhere them to the train surface, and your kids will have hours of fun creating on the new table.  Add on some tool storage bins for storage and storing all the way around the table! {storage bins can be found at any hardware store}





3.  Floating Figure Shelves –  For the Lego enthusiast who loves to create new little figures, this would be a great way to display all of his/her creations!  Grab a few floating picture ledges and throw them up on an open wall.  You have an immediate display area for those special Lego guys!  If you want the figures to stand up well, you can hot glue onto the shelves some 2×8 flat bricks so the figures can stand up tall without the chance of moving around!




4.  IKEA Storage systemThis type of storage system offers quite a variety of  options as far as Lego storage.  The bins are interchangeable which leaves great flexibility to customize to fit individual needs.  Big bins can hold community Legos — little bins could be separated for each child or each Lego set.  Endless options with this setup. Click here for a link to IKEA.  This is just one of many setups they have available.


These are probably my 4 favorite options for Lego storage, but there are so many more out there.  Sit down and think through what are the main issues, and then brainstorm how those Lego issues can be resolved through organization.

You can conquer those LEGOs!  And if you can’t do it yourself, contact me and I will help you! When all is sorted in its proper place, you can shout, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”


What are the HARDEST things to organize?

{If you missed Easy Areas to Organize click here and take a peek!}Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 6.47.03 PM


Screen shot 2016-02-14 at 7.21.12 PM


  1. Toys – Thorn. In. My. Side. – Once you feel like the toys are under control, birthday or Christmas happens and then you are back at square 1.  Best rule of thumb is            toy in=toy out.  That way you can bless someone else by passing along an older toy that isn’t being used in your home anymore, and open up some space for new toys. I will soon be doing a post on LEGO storage for a special friend of mine, and for anyone else who may need it!
  2. Clothes – If you haven’t worn it in a year, pass it along to someone else.  Tastes change, bodies change, clothes get worn out.  Do yourself a favor and rotate those clothes that are taking up space right out of your closet.  Are you really going to wear that sweater from 5 years ago?  That shirt from high school?
  3. Pictures – This is one of those projects that you don’t even know where to start.  In fact, if I’m completely honest, I am buried with pictures.  For now I am just saving them on the SD cards and on my computer, until I can get my time under control enough to start doing something with the pictures.  I scrapbook, so that is my ultimate goal – I have all the supplies ready to go, now I just need the time!
  4. Paper – bills, art projects, insurance paperwork, taxes, report cards, notes, memories, certificates, sports info, school info……need I go on?  Best way to tackle the majority of that is with a good, trust file cabinet.  I bought one from IKEA and absolutely LOVE it.  This only takes care of about 50% of my paper clutter though — the rest is still trying to be figured out!
  5. Your Time! –  As Jen Hatmaker says, “What’s on your beam?” {click here for the book For the Love – fabulous read!}  Truly decide how your time is best served.  Is it work? Volunteering? Kids Activities?  Bible Study?  Date Night?  You get the idea.  Say “yes” to the things that fill you with joy.  Embrace the chances to show love to others.  But be sure to check your priorities and make sure you want that activity “on your beam”.  If not, remove it.  You can control your time — don’t let your time control you.

Were you surprised at this list?  Anything you would add to it?  Comment below with your ideas!

Meal Prep Made Easy


Time for another guest-post (of sorts)!  I used to work for an amazing family for about 8 years, until they moved away from this cold weather.  Left Wisconsin to go to Texas — what the heck, right?!  {I’d flee the frigid temps and snow too!}  It was a great move for them, but we still miss them terribly!
Anyways, this past weekend she sent me pictures of a new dinner system she is trying for her family.  Here’s what she did:
1.  Pick out a cookbook you love and that is easy to use!  She picked one out that even her son could use!  Keep the recipes simple to start.  From there,  bookmark some recipes that you want to try.
2.  Make your grocery list and hit the store!
3.  When you get home, package the items up BY MEAL right away.  That way everything is organized and at your fingertips when you got to make dinner in the evening!

image4    image3    image2-4

I think this will work out great for their family, and as I told her, I’M SO STEALING THIS IDEA!!!  She said, “Hopefully this will keep us from wasting food and will make grocery shopping more efficient!”
I say, WELL DONE, friend!  Thanks for sharing!

Bathroom Projects – Part One

partoneA few months back I decided {yes, I will take full responsibility for this} that we needed to get rid of our over-the-toilet cabinet and replace it with something more sturdy and with more storage in our master bathroom.  The old cabinet was rickety and not very functional.  so this turned out to be one of THOSE PROJECTS — you know, the kind that kind of take over your life for a month or two?!  One cabinet turned out to be a counter top, shower curtain, paint the bathroom, remove a medicine cabinet, drywall, new rugs, etc……And yes, my handy hubby loved that I wanted to change all of this {NOT!}.

There are so many details to this project, so this post will be in several parts.  I will start with the catalyst — the bathroom cabinet.  I am sure my original bathroom cabinet came from Prange Way — which closed its doors in this area in 1912.  Ok, not really, it was more like 1995.  So the cabinet is 20 years old made of cheap fiberboard and warping from so much use {I should say WAS 20 years old….it is now resting comfortably in a landfill}.  I searched for just the right piece to replace it, and finally found it at an antique store near us.

The new cabinet is HEAVY and SOLID.  Handy Hubby gave a thumbs up to this, as he is all about using good wood that will stand the test of time.  This piece will last for at least 250 more years — it is that solid!

{Disclaimer:  I thought I had taken pictures from start to finish — I was mistaken.  So the first two pics are stock photos – the rest are from my project — beginner blogger mistake!}



Step 1 was refinishing the cabinet.  Originally it was stained dark, and the wood was dinged up a little bit, so I sanded it down – even got to use the power sander!  Once it was sanded and smooth, it needed to get wiped down.




primedcabinetStep 2 was to prime the cabinet.  Because it started out as a very dark stain, priming it was a must, seeing as though it was going to be painted white.  It took several coats of primer to get good coverage over the original color.




Step 3 was to paint!  I picked out a soft white/cream color in a Satin finish.  It took several coats to achieve even coverage.






Step 4 was to choose my design.  Awhile back I saw the idea of stenciling on cabinet doors with lace.  It turned out (for that person) beautifully.  However, when I tried it, my doors looked absolutely horrendous!! So I made another trip to the craft store, and found a stencil I liked instead.  The hardest part of this was to be sure the stencil was perfectly centered left/right on the doors, and that the pattern started in the same middle spot, and moved up and down at the same rate.  The teal color is the same color as the walls, trying to cut some of the white and add some interest with the door pattern.



Step 5 was to sandblast the hinges.  Since the cabinet was old, the hinges couldn’t be replaced so easily.  So Handy Hubby took them to work and sandblasted them, leaving them with this antique finish.






Step 6 is optional, but I will be putting them on my cabinet — door handles.  They are not on yet, but this is what they look like!  I love the dark brown with a little bling (every girl has to have some bling!)


So, next to painting, this was the biggest project in the bathroom.  NEXT POST:  The inside & beyond!






Where do I begin?

Hello friends!  Welcome to my site Organized Blessings!  This site was started with the intent to focus on organizing our homes, lives, and relationships.  In doing that, we can also work hard at blessing others and counting the blessings we have!

I am so thrilled that you are here on this journey with me!  I am looking forward to sharing experiences and ideas with you.  This is such a learning process that I will be doing so much learning and growing through this blog as well!  And Lord knows how much work I have to do in that area!  Thankful for His Grace!

What would you like to hear about?  What questions do you have that I can answer?  My goal is to provide you with several ideas of how to make your home and your life more efficient.  I would love to work with you, give you pointers and ideas on how to maximize and organize your space, and even come to you and help in person if necessary!

So welcome to Organized Blessings and THANK YOU for coming on this journey with me!

Blessings to you,