Jewelry Storage

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{Before I start this post, I want to give a plug to SelaDesigns – I personally know the owner of this Etsy shop and she is fabulous, people.  Visit her shop to find the pieces you see above and many, many more unique pieces of jewelry! Click here to go right to her shop! You can thank me later 🙂 }

Organizing your home is such an addicting process!  My master bedroom is going to be on the chopping block next, seeing as our bathroom is now done (if you missed those posts, check them out here, here, and here).  When you get one space finished, you just want to keep going until you have everything just the way you like it!

Remember remodeling does not need to be expensive!  A gallon of paint goes a long way!  Find pieces that you could repurpose — a frame, vase, shelf, end table, etc. from other rooms and repaint them, texture them, or cover them with new fabric.  It is a chance to give new life to pieces you already own!

I started selling a bunch of my decorative items from my bedroom a few months ago on our local Buy & Sell site (check Facebook groups for groups in your area).  Now I can use that money to repurpose other items for my room.

One area that for sure needs help is my jewelry.  Now, I don’t have expensive jewelry — but what I do have I want to be able to SEE!  This is how it looks now:

image1-9       image2-7

I have a nice jewelry box.  But the size and function of it doesn’t suit my space.  I would say two drawers are used for the correct purpose, the other 6 are just stuffed with hodge podge. I have several compartments for earrings, but in each compartment I have 3-5 pairs of earrings.  Because it is hard to see, I end up leaving my most loved jewelry on top of my jewelry box and not in their designated spots.


The necklaces are kept in the side door, but I can’t even open it all the way because the door is too close to my headboard.  This also makes for poor lighting to see what I have in there!




I also have a floor mirror.  It would be nice to marry the jewelry box and mirror together – you know, two for the price of one?!  It would save floor space in our bedroom if we could combine these two necessary pieces.  So……off I went to look for the perfect piece.



Here are some options I found.  Now, I have not purchased any of these, but I’m hoping to save up for one of them.  Which one is your favorite?

jewelryarmoire4           jewelryarmoire3jewelryarmoire7

More jewelry posts coming – so stay tuned for ways to organize your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, scarves and more!