Assessment                      $50.00*
All work with a new client begins with a one hour assessment. During this time, we will walk through your space and I will hear from you what you hope to accomplish and how you prefer to work together. I will give you an estimate for the project and we will schedule our first workday.*Should you decide to hire me, this fee will be credited toward your first workday or consultation.

Consultation                    $150.00
Recommended for those who want to take initiative and do the work themselves but just need some tips, pointers and recommendations for their space.  After the initial assessment, I will email you the steps that I personally would take to organize your space. You will then have 5 additional emails/5-10 minute phone calls to ask me questions along the way.

Organizing Services      $50/hr
Typically there are two ways in which my organizing services happen. The first and most popular way is for us to work through the space side by side. In the second way I work alone, setting things aside as I organize for you to determine on your own what stays and what goes, after which I will lay out your space as we previously discussed.

Shopping Service            $25/hr
Once we decide what items you will need to complete your organizing project you will either need to purchase them yourself or have me purchase them for you. If you want help picking out items (at IKEA for instance), this is definitely something we can tackle together.

Complimentary Benefits (for Organization Services only)

  • Take donations to local non-profit (as long as they fit in my car)
  • No extra charge for commute time/gas*
  • Complementary before and after photos so you can see the progress made.

Package Pricing*

 10 hours of Organizing      $470 ($30 savings)
15 hours of Organizing      $675 ($75 savings)
20 hours of Organizing      $860 ($140 savings)
*Package pricing is for one address only.