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Jewelry Storage Issue — SOLVED!!

Awhile back I wrote about how I was looking for new ways to store my jewelry. {Read that article here if you’d like a refresher}  Well, I finally found something that works for me!  It is a bit outside the box, and the pieces I used weren’t really supposed to be for jewelry, but, hey — live a little, right?!

outsidethebox      outsidethebox1

All the pieces I used I found at Kohls.  They were like 60% off, plus another 30% off, plus I had Kohls Cash.  So really, they were free.  (ok not really, but it did feel like it!)


I loved this shelf for so many reasons, but mainly loved the lacy look of it.  It gave a little dimension and interest to the wall, and I loved that there were holes in it to poke all of my earrings through.



I think this is supposed to be a hat hook & coat rack?!  That is the area of the store I found it in at least.  But I thought that hanging necklaces, bracelets, and watches from it would be fantastic!  Plus I loved the color and the vintage look of the metal.  Bonus was that even my rings fit over the prongs!  Win!


So this was the wall I had open, and I think the pieces look super pretty up there!  It was lots of fun to add my jewelry to it as well!!

IMG_8019        IMG_8018 IMG_8017        IMG_8016

IMG_8021 IMG_8015

I added a treasure box up on the shelf to hold all of the odds and ends that my jewelry box used to house.  Safety pins, extra earring backs, chain extenders, etc.



I’m so happy to share this with you!  Blessings dear friends!

Practical Earring Storage

earringsS5 earringsS4 earringsS3 earringsS2 earringsS1

{All of these BEAUTIFUL earrings can be purchased at SelaDesign on Etsy.com.  Prices range from $12 – $36.  Gorgeous pieces — trust me! And all profits go to a great cause!}

Earring Storage 

I have been struggling with jewelry storage for some time now.  I just have not found the right system to work for me yet!  {if you missed my post on that, click here to check it out!} Within the next month or so our bedroom is going to be overhauled as we are changing our bed and getting rid of dressers.  So my plan is to figure out this jewelry situation once and for all!  It’s not like I have a lot of jewelry, but what I do have definitely needs to be organized better!

So I’m starting with earrings.  There are a lot of different ways to organize earrings, plus you have to take into consideration how the earrings attach — leverback, hook, or post.  Here are a few possibilities that I will be considering.



Bulletin Board with Ribbon & Tacks

This simple bulletin board would be an easy and cheap way to store earrings.  Hook earrings can go right over the ribbon.  Leverback earrings can attach around the ribbon.  Post earrings can go through the ribbon.  Simple!




Cooling Rack

Now I would have never thought to use a cooling rack to store my earrings!  But I can see the genius in it!  I can see this one working really well for leverback earrings and for hook earrings, but post earrings could be an issue.  My solution would be to thread some thick ribbon through a few of the bottom rows in order to have something to poke the posts through.  That could work!




Now this one could be really neat if you have some wall space for it.  A hook on either side of the chain, two different lengths of chain, and you have yourself a way to store those earrings!




Ice Cube Trays

If you have an open drawer, a few ice cube trays could fit in nicely!  This could work for a cheap and easy solution to separating out earrings!  Who would have thought?!





Old Frame and Chicken Wire

This is such a classy and elegant way to store your earrings!  The frame could be fancy or plain, depending on what you need to match your decor.  Frames are so easy to find at garage sales or thrift stores.  Throw some paint on it, or spray paint it and you could have a beautiful display for your earrings!




Earring Caddy

There are so many shapes and sizes of these caddies.  Check them out on Amazon when you have time {click here for the link!} You could probably get a nice stand for under $20.  This particular one sells for about $15.




So lot of options to think through.  I will have to see what kind of wall space I end up with when the bedroom shifting is all done and then I can make my final decision and post it for you.

In the next few posts I will be working on Necklace and Bracelet storage!  Stay tuned!  If you want to be updated as soon as they are posted, just subscribe to this page in the link below!

Blessings to you all!