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Jewelry Storage Issue — SOLVED!!

Awhile back I wrote about how I was looking for new ways to store my jewelry. {Read that article here if you’d like a refresher}  Well, I finally found something that works for me!  It is a bit outside the box, and the pieces I used weren’t really supposed to be for jewelry, but, hey — live a little, right?!

outsidethebox      outsidethebox1

All the pieces I used I found at Kohls.  They were like 60% off, plus another 30% off, plus I had Kohls Cash.  So really, they were free.  (ok not really, but it did feel like it!)


I loved this shelf for so many reasons, but mainly loved the lacy look of it.  It gave a little dimension and interest to the wall, and I loved that there were holes in it to poke all of my earrings through.



I think this is supposed to be a hat hook & coat rack?!  That is the area of the store I found it in at least.  But I thought that hanging necklaces, bracelets, and watches from it would be fantastic!  Plus I loved the color and the vintage look of the metal.  Bonus was that even my rings fit over the prongs!  Win!


So this was the wall I had open, and I think the pieces look super pretty up there!  It was lots of fun to add my jewelry to it as well!!

IMG_8019        IMG_8018 IMG_8017        IMG_8016

IMG_8021 IMG_8015

I added a treasure box up on the shelf to hold all of the odds and ends that my jewelry box used to house.  Safety pins, extra earring backs, chain extenders, etc.



I’m so happy to share this with you!  Blessings dear friends!