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Bedroom Pallet Wall

I have waited for months before I was able to write this post.  I can finally say…


The pallet wall in the master bedroom is complete and the room is virtually finished!  A few projects are still straggling about (paint the cedar chest and make bookshelves for the wall) but for the most part, the harder projects are done.

Here is how it all began — this was my inspiration wall:

pallet wall

So to start, we sourced out pallet boards for wood.  I found a guy in town that has them already taken apart and sells them for a quarter a piece.  So for under $40, we got all we needed.  By finding this stash, it saved us a TON of time trying to cut apart pallets.  However the wood was wet, as it was stored outside in our Wisconsin winters.  So the process of drying them out began.

Once they were good and dry, we sanded the boards lightly.  Actually, my handy hubby sanded the boards.  When that sanding process was finished, we tested the stain that we had on hand on a few boards.  It was a great way to use up existing stain.  The colors we chose were Natural, Early American, Dark Oak, and Golden Pecan.

Since we had 4 stains, we divided the boards into fourths to be sure we ended up with a nice variation of color.  I do not recommend picking an even number of stains.  In hind-sight I wish we would have chosen 3 colors so the boards didn’t end up so linear on the wall.  But it still looks nice.

It was so beautiful to see the grain come through on these boards.  Read about that HERE in a past post.  I had such a preconceived notion that staining was hard and tiresome, but after this process, I am in love with staining!

The next step was to lay boards out to see how the coloring was going to look once it was on the wall.  We figured out measurements and started laying out the boards.


The wall is ready to go up!  My husband got our bed out of the way, found the studs, and worked from top to bottom.  Our walls and ceiling were not perfectly straight, so it was very important to make sure that first row was level.



(Even our tiny dancer needed to get in on helping Daddy!)


And…….Drum Roll Please……..

IMG_8120 IMG_8123


We love the finished product!  I feels warm and cozy, full of life and character!  I love the variation of colors and the way it just adds some depth to the bedroom!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!  The good news is that we have a bunch of stained boards left that maybe, just maybe I can convince my hubby to do a small pallet wall in our downstairs bathroom?!

Go and be a blessing to someone today!!